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We have secured a route to import directly from the United States.
Therefore, since there is no intermediate margin, we can offer it to users at a reasonable price.
We import not only cars, but also motorcycles, jet skis, trailers, etc.
Please leave it to us from the exhaust gas test, acceleration noise test, preliminary inspection to registration after import.
In addition, even users in other prefectures can find the nearest service company on the imported car maintenance network nationwide.
We will introduce you to you, so please feel free to contact us.

Flow of imports

I will briefly explain from the United States to purchase to delivery

First of all, we will pick up several vehicles that meet the customer's request, and we will check the condition and mileage of the desired vehicle in the United States.

If there is no problem with the condition of the car, we will arrange the car for land transportation to the port at the same time as the export document procedure. If you wish to customize in the United States, you can also customize at affiliated shops before that.

As soon as we are ready to export, we will export to Japan by car carrier (RORO). If you purchase multiple parts and large accessories at the same time as the vehicle, we also accept export in containers.

As soon as the ship arrives in Japan, customs clearance will be carried out. We can also handle such large vehicles. We also support X-ray inspection.

We can also import trailers and mobile homes. We also have towing vehicles, so we can handle non-towing vehicles.

We will take an exhaust gas test and an acceleration noise test depending on the model year, weight and type of the vehicle. We will also take inspections for models not owned by the union.

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